Behaviour Therapy & Training for Dogs
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Behaviour Therapy
Dog walking
We offer a behaviour therapy service for anyone who is having any type of problem with their dog. This begins with a 2 hour consultation, in which the dog is assessed, information is gathered and a tailor made therapy programme can be established. Although based in Minehead, West Somerset, we are willing to travel anywhere within reason. In many cases, all that is required to correct a behavioural problem is the initial 2 hour consultation. This is because often, all that is needed is a small amount of advice and guidance to educate the dog’s owner. However, this is not always the case and a tailor made therapy programme may well be required. We accept any case, and are confident that we can use positive techniques to rehabilitate any dog, and educate any owner. Our main aim is to help dogs, as well as their owner, live a happier and more balanced life! An initial 2 hour home visit consultation is priced at £30. Therapy/training programmes and further costs will need to be arranged during the initial consultation as every case is different.
Steve Bailey offers one to one training sessions and will train your dog to your suit your specific requirements (within reason), e.g. he does not train dogs to guard or encourage aggression in any way but can  train your dog in many areas, from basic obedience, to agility, to tracking and so on. At Canine Crusades we use only positive reward based techniques. Steve offers one to one sessions to ensure you and your dog receive the best possible training service, unlike many training classes in which one trainer has several clients, and you most certainly never get their undivided attention! One to one training is priced at £15 per hour session.
Has your dog got too much energy? Are you short of time? Do you work long hours? Have you broken your leg? Or do you just wuss out when it rains?! If so, we can help with that too. Here at Canine Crusades, we don’t go on walks, we go on adventures! Whatever time of day, whatever the weather we can cater for your needs. We can collect your dog from anywhere in West Somerset, but the dog walking service mainly operates in and around the Minehead area. We guarantee to exercise your dog both physically and mentally but to also have lots of fun. Adventures can even be arranged to meet our clients’ wishes, e.g. dogs can be walked individually or together as part of a pack or even in specific places. Your wish is our command! Simply pat me on the head, and tell me I’m a good boy! Single dog: 1 hour walk is priced at £10. 2 hour walk is priced at £15. 2 dogs: 1 hour walk is priced at £15. 2 hour walk is priced at £20. 3-4 dogs: 1 hour walk is priced at £20. 2 hour walk is priced at £30. Longer adventures can be arranged. Simply call or email us.
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Day Care
Puppy Playgroup
These days dogs are found far too frequently lounging about the house with nothing to do. Boredom and excess energy are the two most common causes of behavioural problems in dogs. In modern times many dogs have become couch potatoes and the energy designed to guard, hunt or herd is now directed at the sofa, table legs or expensive pairs of shoes.We believe that day care is the future in canine care in the UK and are proud to offer this revolutionary approach for dog owners in the South West. Canine Crusades will provide a safe and fun environment for your dog to play, socialise and exercise with other dogs while you are away from home, helping to prevent destructive and anxious behaviour. Exercise, Stimulation and social interaction are crucial to a dogs well being. Our centre will promote healthy canine manners that are often dormant if your dog is left home alone. We are a fully licenced daycare/boarding establishment. Licence number LN/000006483.   Single dog: 1 days care is priced at £15 2 dogs: 1 days care is priced at £25 3-4 dogs: 1 days care is priced at £45 Discounts are available for blocks of 5 days care and above. Out of normal working hours daycare can also be arranged, simply call or email us. 
Puppy playgroup is a great opportunity for your pup to learn social skills with other puppies in a safe and supervised environment. It is also an opportunity for owners to meet new people, share information, enjoy priceless puppy moments, and simply have some fun! Puppy playgroup will be a 2 hour meeting, held in the evening/s, once or twice a week according to demand.   Puppy playgroup is priced at £10 per pup.
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