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Stephen came to us when our daughter moved back into the family home with her young Staffordshire bull terrier. Our main concern was his excitability which caused him to jump up at guests and anyone entering the house. Unfortunately, it got so bad that his behaviour became dangerous and we asked our daughter to rehome him. Our daughter then asked Steve to step in and help. Stephen used positive techniques to teach him how to greet people in a calmer, safer manner. We saw massive improvements within a matter of sessions. With Steves help, the house is now much calmer and we can happily welcome guests to the house without fear of them being knocked over by an over excitable dog, and most importantly our daughter still has her dog. It is clear that Steve is extremely passionate about his work. He was confident and determined that his training programme would show results, which it did. Everything was explained along the way in a clear and precise manner which really helped us to understand why the behaviour was happening in the first place. We highly recommend Stephen and have first hand confidence that his knowledge and commitment will help anyone facing similar difficulties with their dog. Mr and Mrs Rawle
I was recommended to Steve by my friend who was also experiencing problems with her dogs. My dogs Winston and Ody have always ruled the roost and they had been starting to stress me out more and more, especially on walks, where I was unable to control either of them and would end up coming home very stressed and not giving them the exercise they needed as I just began hating taking them out. Steve came to meet me and the dogs where he spoke to me about all our issues. He gave me lots of advice and taught me things I had either never knew or even thought of before. We went for a walk with the boys, and Steve showed me a way to walk them and stay in control and advised me on better leads for more control. We are two weeks in so far and we have seen a vast improvement already. We will continue to work alongside Steve until we feel 100% happy with our boys behaviour. It's nice to enjoy walking Winston and Ody again and that's thanks to Steve. He has been in conact for updates and also encouraged me that I will get the results I wanted. He also has never judged me or made me feel stupid. Cannot recommend Canine Crusades enough. Miss Hodder
Steve was such a lovely lad and we were surprised at how quickly he helped Bramble. She was so bad on a lead that we often thought we might be pulled off of our feet! In less than an hour with Steve, using his techniques and following his advice the pulling had completely stopped, and has not returned. Now we can happily go on walks everyday without the fear of being pulled over. Thank you Steve! Anne & Martin Grove
After our much loved Staffordshire Bull Terrier suddenly passed away, I never thought we'd get another dog, until I received a phone call about a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who had been abandoned and desperately needed to be re-homed. We went to meet the dog and instantly fell in love with him. Tank looked distressed by his surroundings and we just wanted to be able to help. I obviously asked some questions regarding his background, and it unfortunately sounded like he'd had a bit of a troubled past and had possibly been mistreated by previous owners. He'd been passed from pillar to post and didn't really know where home was. I started having doubts when I was told he'd been taught to chase cats and destroy trees. I asked myself, “Did I really want to bring a dog like that into my family home?” We have two sons, aged 13 and 7 and also a family cat. So with these concerns, we contacted Stephen for advice. After speaking to Stephen, and with his reassurance that these behaviour problems could be remedied, we agreed to take Tank on on a trial basis. We worked with Stephen, on a daily basis for a couple of weeks, but witnessed a dramatic difference after a couple of days and a marked improvement after the initial consultation .Steve talked to us about canine behaviour and why dogs may behave the way they do. He explained everything in a way we could understand which really helped us to help Tank settle into family life. We didn't like his original name “Tank.” We thought it sounded aggressive and as Steve pointed out he seemed to associate the name with negativity. We asked Stephens advice on changing his name, and Stephen agreed this would be a good idea, a new name for a new start. We changed his name to Touzer and this had a great response. When Stephen and I first took Touzer to a wooded area, we were stunned by his aggression towards trees. I was very concerned by this point, but with Stephens techniques he lost all interest in destroying trees within two days. I was gob smacked at how easily and quickly this behaviour could be changed. We also had problems with getting Touzers ball back from him, but again with Stephens help and techniques, he now gives his ball back on command. Our biggest concern was getting him to live happily alongside our family cat. Again, with Stephens techniques (and a very brave cat), the two are now the best of friends, and even share a bed and bowl of food on occasions. We've now had Touzer for four months and he has become an amazing addition to the family. And we have absolutely no regrets about taking him on. We would highly recommend Stephen to anyone who needs help with their dogs behaviour, or anything dog related in general. We would like to say a huge thank you to Stephen for all his help and advice. Without it, it may have been a very different story. Rob, Marian, Robbie & Owen Davies.
Stephen was recommended to us by a couple of friends. At first we were a bit unsure about whether to contact him but we are glad we did. Stephen helped us to understand how our actions were causing some of the behavior issues we were experiencing with Freddie, our 5 year old staffie. Although, slow, Freddie is beginning to learn and respect Mike and I as the pack leaders, which in turn is slowly improving his behavior. Listening to Stephen's advice, we recently had Lexi, our 2 year old staffie spayed, and hope this will see further improvements in Freddie's behavior. You can clearly see that Stephen is passionate about his work and animals, taking the time to meet us at 6.00am to offer tips and advice on our morning walk. I have recommended Stephen to friends, who have already thanked me and said how wonderful Stephen has been. Keep up the hard work. Sinead & Mike
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