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Neo The Parkour Collie Dog sets a new agility WORLD RECORD! Neo holds the world record for 'The fastest 10 hoop slalom by a dog.' An incredible display of agility!
Neo: The Parkour Collie Dog Follow Neo the parkour dog on this epic adventure through Exmoor, performing extreme agility moves. Watch him scale huge ancient archways, take on mountain bike dirt jumps, fly through trees -  plus much more !
Dog Parkour As seen on what's up tv, sky 1. Joe goes to the beach to find out about dog parkour.
Video by Guinness World Records “Steve Bailey has trained hundreds of dogs at his Canine Crusades behaviour therapy and daycare centre in Somerset, UK – a business he launched after using the money left to him by his late father to study canine psychology.” Read more on the Guinness World Records Site
Teetu; the 13 week old puppy responds to 50 cues & commands. Possibly the most intelligent puppy in the world. Watch Teetu (Border collie x Kelpie) respond to 50 cues and commands in different sequences, at the age of 13 weeks. Some of which are incredibly difficult even for adult dogs! This pup is awesome!