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  There are many causes of behaviour problems in dogs, and sometimes that cause can be as simple as a diet problem. It is the cause that we must first identify and address, before we can begin to use training techniques. There are also many types of behaviour problem that can arise, from what I have seen the list is quite long and so I shall spare you of it! Whatever your Canine conundrum is, we are here to help. We offer the following services, Behaviour therapy, one-to-one training, dog walking, and our brand new services, dog daycare & puppy playgroup. Check out the services  page for full details.
Steve Bailey offers one to one training sessions and will train your dog to your suit your specific requirements...
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If the answer is yes then you’ve come to the right place!  From Minehead and based in Williton (West Somerset), Steve  Bailey specialises in Canine Behaviour and Psychology, as well as dog  training, and has a passion for correcting behavioural problems in dogs.  When a problem arises, dog owners often assume that it is a training  problem, but before we can use positive dog training techniques to our  advantage, we must first address instincts. It is crucial to fulfil as many  natural instincts within our dog as possible, as this is often the area in  which behavioural problems lie. The domestic dog is a distant cousin of  the wolf, and has inherited some of its traits. For example, simply  fulfilling the drive to explore territory, by walking our dog first thing in the  morning, (ideally at dusk as this is when wolves or village dogs would  arise and explore their territory) will mimic innate canid behaviour,  bringing balance to our dog, as well as exercise. Also, as it is almost  impossible to fulfil the natural sex drive of our pet, here at Canine  Crusades, we recommend the neutering/spaying of all domestic dogs to  assist in creating a less frustrated, more balanced animal.
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